Pressure Washing & Stain Removal

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Pressure Washing

When your pool is stained and you want it to look new again, give Pool Service Manteca a call. Our team will drain, chlorine wash, scrub, pressure wash, and then refill your swimming pool so it looks brilliant again! The most common reasons for pool staining are algae blooms that have been allowed to sit, high total dissolved solids, lack of regular service, or it’s simply an older pool that hasn’t had stain removal. When your plaster is stained, your pool can look pretty bad even if the water is 100% clear. 

When we perform the pressure wash and stain removal process, we fully drain the water from your pool. Then we wash and scrub the sides with powerful, concentrated liquid chlorine that kills algae and removes stains on contact. After the chlorine wash is done and your pool is scrubbed, we spray it with high powered water to fully remove the final stains. 

Once we have completed the pressure washing and stain removal process, we refill your pool and add starter chemicals to ensure your water doesn’t turn green again. 

Because this process requires potent corrosive chemicals we don’t recommend homeowners perform this on their own. Our technicians have training on how to perform this service and handle these chemicals. They’re also equipped with the right tools and gear to do the job properly so they don’t hurt themselves or the environment. 

You may be wondering how often stain removal needs to be done. This service is only done when the pool is stained. This only happens after your pools been sitting without service for a long time, the pool is aged and yellowing, etc. If your pool isn’t as bright as it could be, give us a call! 


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