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Weekly Pool Cleaning Service & Maintenance

When your pool has been sitting for too long without service, the total dissolved solids are too high, or it’s stained and you want it chlorine washed, we have you covered.

Our team will properly drain and refill your pool so your water is crystal clear again. A big perk of draining your pool is that once it’s empty, we can perform a stain removal so it looks like new again. After draining and stain removal, your pool will look almost as good as the day it was put in. 

At Pool Service Manteca, our professionals drain your pool properly.

This means we use the proper drains, don’t flood your lawn, and we use high powered pumps to drain the water as quickly as possible. Once the water has been removed from your pool, we refill it and then balance your water with startup chemicals. By adding chemicals right away, we prime your pool so that it doesn’t turn green and it’s ready for ongoing service.


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Reasons For Pool Draining

Sitting for too long without service: Oftentimes rental properties and vacation homes can go a long time without regular pool service. So what happens is they turn so green that no amount of chemicals will fix the algae blooms. Further, you’ll find that this results in staining of your pool plaster and will require a chlorine treatment and pressure wash. 

High total dissolved solids: Total dissolved solids will stain your pool and may even break down your plaster when they’re too high. If your TDS are high, it’s important to give us a call. We can test your water, drain, and refill it so high TDS is no longer an issue for your pool.

Refilling & Rebalancing

After draining your pool, we then refill it and add your starter chemicals so that your water doesn’t turn green. It’s critical that your pool is refilled with fresh water, the starter chemicals are added and the pump is turned on right away. This ensures your water is starting on the right foot and that you’re not fighting algae blooms. 

Our pool draining service includes starter chemicals and balancing your water after refilling. If your pool needs draining and you want professional help, give us a call now for a free quote. 

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