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Weekly Pool Cleaning Service & Maintenance

When you have a swimming pool and you don’t want to have to worry about taking care of it, give us a call. With our monthly maintenance pool packages, we clean your pool each week so your pool stays perfect all year. 

Every week we test your chemicals to ensure your chlorine and pH levels are perfect. With our full-service option, we not only include the chemicals in the package, but we balance them each visit, we brush the sides of your pool, skim the top, empty your skimmers, check your equipment, and even clean your filter several times per year. 

If you prefer to clean your own leaves and monitor your own equipment, we also offer chemical only service. With chemical only, you never have to worry about driving to the store, transporting the chemicals, keeping them at your house, risking spilling them on yourself, etc. We simply come to your house, balance your chemicals, and keep your pool clear at all times. 

Whether you want full service or chemical only, give us a call today and you’ll never have to worry about your pool turning green or getting cloudy again.


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Professional Chemicals

As pool cleaning and service technicians, we purchase chemicals and use proprietary blends that are not available to the general public. We always make sure your chemicals are properly balanced so you’re waters clear and you’re never worrying about algae, viruses, bacteria, or anything else in your pool.

Flexible Monthly Pool Service Packages

We have several pool service packages for any budget. The first is our chemical only where we come weekly to test your water, add chemicals, and ensure your pool is always balanced. This is the basic service. The second, and most popular, is full-service pool cleaning. With this service, we handle everything from sweeping your pool to balancing your chemicals and cleaning your filter twice a year. With full service, we do everything for you.

Here are our packages in-depth:

Full-Service Pool Cleaning

  • Weekly chemical testing
  • Weekly pH testing
  • Weekly chemical balancing
  • Chemicals included
  • Skimming & removing leaves from the pool
  • Sweep the sides of the pool
  • Sweep the steps 
  • Professional Blend of Sanitizers
  • ​Professionally Balanced Chemicals 
  • ​Quality Control by Our Managers
  • ​Complete Algae Treatment
  • Fully Trained Service Technicians
  • No Dangerous Chemicals Stored at Your Home
  • Empty Skimmer Basket and Pump Baskets and Empty Pool Cleaner Bag
  • Vacuuming as Needed
  • Filter cleaning every 6 months

Chemical Only Pool Service

  • Professional Blend of Sanitizers
  • 49 Weekly Inspections Every Year
  • Professionally Balanced Chemicals 
  • ​Quality Control by Our Managers
  • ​Complete Algae Treatment
  • Dated & Initialed Service Records 
  • Fully Trained Service Technicians
  • No Dangerous Chemicals Stored at Your Home

Full Equipment Checks

Your pool cleaning technician routinely checks your pump, sweep, and other parts of your pool to ensure they’re running properly and performing at their best. If there’s ever a problem, you’ll know about it right away.

Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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