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Manteca, California Swimming Pool Inspections

When you’re buying or selling a home, it’s imperative that you have the pool inspected. A pump that’s breaking down, crack in the pool, or another large problem can be expensive to repair. And if this wasn’t thought about before closing, it can be a big disappointment for the new owner. 

When you’re buying a new home, you always want to have an inspector verify the condition of your entire house and, of course, the swimming pool. However, most home inspectors aren’t experts in pool inspections. So your home inspector will often refer this work out or simply tell you to find your own inspector. As professionals in pool service, we can help you. One of our certified pool inspectors will take a look at every aspect of your pool and provide you with a report that shows you any point that’s concerning. After our inspection, you’ll have peace of mind or negotiating power.

For a pool inspection in Manteca, Ca, or one of the nearby areas, give us a call now. 



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